30 Central Park South, 7D, NYC | 212.486.7574
  30 Central Park South, 7D, NYC | 212.486.7574
Matthew Hashimoto, DDS
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Gary Ruth, DDS
Oral Surgeon
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Coronavirus Precautions

Please allow extra time to travel to our office:

Allow extra travel time to avoid crowded trains. The building is only allowing two people in the elevator at a time, so allow time to wait for the elevator or walk up the stairs. - The wait time has been pretty short, but we wanted to make you aware.

Please wear a mask:

The building and office will not allow entry without a mask. Please be sure to wear one before you enter.

Please maintain distance:

Don’t forget to maintain 6ft distance between other patients and staff. We will be staggering appointments to minimize exposure.

Pre-Appointment Screening:

We will ask you screening questions before your appointment. Please remember to fill this out before your appointment or we cannot see you for the safety of the staff and other patients. Please reschedule if you are feeling sick, have a fever, or have been in contact with a Covid patient without PPE.


We will take your temperature and measure your oxygen level. We will ask you to sanitize/wash your hands. You will also use a pre-procedural rinse.

Touchless check in/out:

We will send receipts and appointments electronically and ask that you use Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods whenever possible.
We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Dr. Singla & FlossNYC Staff

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